php training in lucknow

There are many advantages of php training in Lucknow. PHP is a language from which we can create both software and websites. If we learn PHP, it will be a good decision for our future. With PHP we can add any type of frontend to the database which is usually MySQL. PHP is a language in which we connect the frontend or user interface to the database of the backend. Any online web application or website uses 5 languages ​​which are as follows –

· HTML- HyperText Markup Language: used to structure a graphical user interface
· CSS -Cascading Style Sheet: It is used to design and style any user interface
· Js – JavaScript: Used to run animation and third party applications in any user interface.
· PHP – Hypertext Pre Processor: Performs the task of taking the query of any user to the database and bringing the output to its response.
· MySQL- My Structured Query Language: To manage the database of website or web application

From PHP we can create the following software –

Hospital Management- By making a single point data entry of a person or patient coming to any hospital, to convey his or her information to the entire hospital, the doctor’s dashboard where all the doctors can see their appointment. Admin Dashboard from where all departments can be managed. Patient dashboard where they can make a booking and view their reports.

Inventory Management: From a simple mention on the dashboard, how much goods came in any deposit store, and how many were sold. A platform is made to add items, modify it, and display its information.

School Management System: Many types of dashboards are made in school management systems such as fee management, student database, staff management, transport management, etc.

In the same way, we can create many applications and websites in PHP. If we learn PHP, we are hopeful of getting success in the future.